The future workforce will be made up of mainly millennials who no longer gain and retain knowledge using the old traditional methods of learning....

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Facilitation, not presentation...


e-learning, classroom facilitation, virtual learning, and learning activities


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Facilitation, not presentation...

Many of us have been on training courses where the trainer stands in front and talks while referring to a deck of slides. The room is dark, and after some time you feel your eyes closing… This gets worse after lunch!
This learning method pushes knowledge from the subject matter expert (SME) to the participant.
What if the learning allowed for the participants to interact with the SME, use their own experience, reflect by sharing feedback, learn by doing, be motivated and self-directed because the experience is fun?
This is what facilitated learning provides.
Facilitation is the future for two reasons:
1. It acknowledges that the adult brain learns and retains knowledge by using many different methods.
2. The future workforce will be made up of mainly millennials and zoomers (Gen Z) who no longer gain and retain knowledge using the old traditional methods of learning.


I can assist you to plan the best solution of blended learning to meet your requirements – e-learning, classroom facilitation, and learning activities.

In today’s climate where travel is less possible, I can assist you with tailoring your courses for delivery using a web-based interface of your choice. To keep pace with the changing workplace dynamic and ensuring global reach of your courses, investing now in VL makes great sense.


If you have existing training programs I can help to transform and refresh the learning journey to a facilitation style format.


The new normal...

As a Learning Coach I adopt a facilitation style to deliver your adapted materials onsite and face-to-face...

...or, as is now the new normal, virtually with video conferencing software.

Meet me

My background is Financial IT where I have over 16 years of experience in support and consultancy in the UK, Australia, and the Netherlands.

Taking some time away from the world of finance in 2012 I moved eventually to Spain where I taught English as a foreign language and discovered a love of teaching.

From here I made the next step and combined these skills: I moved to the educational side of IT and have been designing and delivering facilitation classroom training courses since 2016. Additionally, I work as an e-learning instructional designer providing layout and content for online training modules.

Knowing that we recall experiences that we enjoy, my goal is to make learning fun.

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